Debbie Kennard

“I joined the organisation to watch young people grow in emotional intelligence, confidence and to have aspirations that help them to achieve! The Blueprint family as we fondly call it, enables young people to join,grow, change and leave respectfully. It empowers young people to make changes in their lives but most of all, believe in themselves.”

Debbie KennardCabinet Member for Communities West Sussex County Council LinkedIn
Stuart McLeod

Since 2012, Blueprint 22 has received four awards from HLF. Two of the grants were for under £10,000, and the two Young Roots awards were for under £50,000. The four HLF funded projects have demonstrated the active involvement of young people, some requiring additional support, enabling opportunities to explore and record varied aspects of local history.  There has been a strong emphasis on participants developing skills – and on the value of young people engaging with heritage.

Stuart McLeodHead of Heritage Lottery Fund, South East EnglandHeritage Lottery Fund
Donna Steele

Having followed the work of Blueprint 22 for several years I was delighted to get involved in helping them to create their Art Charter. Using their core values and evaluating the purpose of art engagement they have produced a unique and really useful working document. It was a complete pleasure to be a part of this project and I wish Blueprint 22 continued success in the future.

Donna SteeleCurator at Ditchling MuseumDitchling Museum
Nadia Chalk

I have worked with Blueprint 22 a few times and I’m always impressed by the ‘can do’ attitude of the young people and what they achieve as individuals and as a team.

The staff are always positive, their passion and commitment is inspiring for all participants. It’s great to see the growth of the organisation and how many young people are involved.

I look forward to seeing more exciting activities on their social media sites as it’s clear they are all doing fantastic work in the community.

Nadia ChalkCreative Waves Director Creative Waves
Christopher Gull

Blueprint 22 has a good track record both on delivering and reporting back on projects, they achieve the things they set out to do. They are easy to work with because they clearly understand the Rainbow Fund’s aims and criteria and they also work well in partnership with other groups which is something the fund tries to encourage.

Christopher GullChairman of The Rainbow FundThe Rainbow Fund
Sandy Foster

Blueprint 22 brilliant, brave, openhearted young people AND they taught me how to dab. Bonus.

Sandy FosterActressSandy Foster

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