Shane Whittington

Hi, I am Shane, I am 20 years old. Blueprint 22 is good because it helps people come out of their shell and become the person they want to be. It helps people with anxiety and depression to do what they want. It is a safe place for people and you are made to feel part of the group and you can have fun as well.

Shane WhittingtonBlueprint 22 Young Adult - Lancing
Jasmine Higgs

I’m Jasmine and I’m 18 years old. I joined Blueprint 22 around two years ago now, though it’s hard to think it’s been that long as time goes fast when you’re having fun. Before Blueprint 22 I had tried joining youth groups in my area but I didn’t enjoy them at all. At Blueprint 22 I have been involved in a lot of projects and would say that it has really helped me to get some new skills and become more confident. I have learnt that you should always follow your dreams and you are supported to do that with Blueprint 22.

Jasmine HiggsBlueprint 22 Young Adult - Brighton
Anita Avery

Hi, I’m Anita, I’m 21 and I’ve been involved in Blueprint 22 for about 6 months. I have felt very welcomed and I have got involved with so much stuff. The people that go to Blueprint 22 are very sociable and it’s helped to ease my anxiety and helped me communicate with other people and become more confident. I think it’s really good for anyone that needs a safe space. It’s different from other youth groups, they do a lot of creative things and everyone comes together and has fun so it’s always really enjoyable.

Anita Avery Blueprint 22 Young Adult - Shoreham-by-Sea
Kirsty Smith

Blueprint 22 helped me become a better person and I can be myself and help other people.

Kirsty SmithBlueprint 22 Youth Trustee Director - Bognor-Regis
Edmond Antwi

Blueprint 22 gave me new and challenging experiences and has changed my life a lot, especially helping me become independent.

Edmond Antwi Blueprint 22 Youth Chair - Burgess Hill
Shannon Colbourne

Blueprint 22 gives me a sense of purpose, belonging and new opportunities. It is somewhere safe.

Shannon Colbourne Blueprint 22 Youth Trustee Director - Littlehampton
Lois Windeatt

I enjoy being able to belong somewhere and grow as a person.

Lois WindeattBlueprint 22 Youth Trustee Director - Littlehampton