Roberta De Falco

I have been involved with Blueprint 22 for 3 years. I like Blueprint 22 because you get to know new people and make new friends and it gives you something to do in your free time, I can learn new stuff, create stuff, get advice and help and also get support from staff. You do things in groups as well and some outings to new places and do new things and the good thing is you don’t have to pay, if I had to pay I wouldn’t be able to come to some things because things are expensive. Blueprint 22 helps me because it gives me chances to do lots of things I wouldn’t do and I like to do new things. 

Roberta De FalcoBlueprint 22 Young Adult - Worthing
Anita Avery

Blueprint 22 has helped me in so many different ways it’s hard to say them all. I am extremely thankful that we were able to get my first adult passport, as I did not have one before which meant I had no ID. Now I do it has opened up many opportunities for me such as voting, travelling and other things. They have been very encouraging every step of the way including when moving into my first permanent accommodation I was helped with shopping for household items as it was completely unfurnished. This made my move much easier and comfortable and I settled in pretty well.

Blueprint 22 always does the right thing for the young people that they help and that makes them outstanding as they do well with everyone they meet and work with and I am really grateful.

I was also able to get involved with different projects where I always learn something new and have fun. This way I feel more optimistic about being able to be part of something and do something brilliant.

Anita Avery Blueprint 22 Young Adult - Shoreham-by-Sea
Katherine Ray

Attending Blueprint 22 has given me the confidence to grow as a person and the sessions provided have allowed me to develop important life skills for my personal and professional life. I have had the opportunity to seek advice that can support me physically and mentally, which will help me reach my potential when carrying out my occupations. I have met and sympathised with individuals from all walks of life, which are now friends of mine. Veronica, Alice and Angela go above and beyond to provide these services and share their time supporting young adults with all kinds of needs, they are dedicated to helping others. I have now realised my skill set and who I am as a person, thanks to Blueprint 22.

Katherine RayBlueprint 22 Young Adult - Durrington
Melissa Backket

By going to Blueprint 22 youth group I have been able to enjoy my time there as they don’t judge you for being you. The people who run the groups are really kind and caring and funny. By going it has given me confidence to do things that I never thought I would be able to do on my own like get on the train on my own and then supporting others to get to the groups too. I have made lots of new friends since going and have started to enjoy my life again, I feel like I am part of something good. I feel like by going to the groups my confidence will keep growing and I will feel confident in talking to people without feeling worried or nervous. I am glad that I found Blueprint 22 as my life has changed in a positive way and I have started to see a difference in the way I have been feeling. I have now got friends who like me for me and not for anything else.

Melissa Backket Blueprint 22 Young Adult - Bognor Regis
Nathon Goodrum

I’d like to tell you a little bit about the benefits and rewards of

Blueprint 22. Blueprint 22 is a not-for-profit independently funded organisation to help young adults between the ages of 16-25, helping you learn key social and domestic skills through weekly activities such as cooking, relaxation and well-being classes to help young adults learn key management skills when feeling stressed and anxious in social environments. 

Since starting Blueprint 22 in December 2018, I have helped with several events such as our Christmas meal, now not many people would know that Blueprint 22 is a vegetarian organisation and when we all came together at Christmas we created a wonderful vegetarian dinner that was loved by all and accompanied with games and quizzes that brought the whole group together. 

Now I live in supported housing with around 28 other residents ageing between 16-25. Since Blueprint 22 started a yoga class in December I have managed to bring a few of the residents closer together and start being more sociable. Blueprint 22 has helped us break out of our shells and start mingling with people outside of our comfort zones.

Blueprint 22 has helped us to start our own social events trying to bring more of us together as a community/family helping anyone who feels like they haven’t got a voice.

Before Blueprint 22 some of us didn’t have anyone we felt that we could talk to and call a friend and now you can’t keep us quiet!

Nathon Goodrum Blueprint 22 Young Adult - Worthing
Edmond Antwi

I have been part of Blueprint 22 for over 4 years, and I’ve learnt a lot in the organisation, including life lessons. It has helped me to make a good improvements to my life socially, and I thoroughly enjoy meeting new people, participating in and delivering projects, to other young people. I like to make a difference whether it’s big or small. This is the reason why I have been made Youth Chair of the organisation so I can help organise and deliver the many projects that give young people the opportunity to be themselves and we hope to make a difference in their lives.

Edmond Antwi Blueprint 22 Youth Chair - Burgess Hill